International Prize for Scientific and Technical Oncology Research Ramiro Carregal

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It seeks the recognition of key work when facing the challenge of finding solutions to one of the great evils of mankind and to award the effort and scientific trajectory in the area of oncology research which involve the creation, development and/or application of new biological and clinical knowledge of cancer.

1. Award

1.1. A single prize worth fifteen thousand Euro (€15000), subject to all legal withholding tax.

1.2. A distinctive and attesting symbol of the award will also be given.

2. Candidature

2.1. Preclinical researchers (basic research to obtain clinical applied knowledge) and clinical researchers (research with humans) who develop their activity in public or private sanitary centres of Galicia, Spain, or anywhere are eligible to the award.

2.2. Public and private institutions, foundations, associations, professional associations, academies, and people related to oncology research may propose themselves as candidates for the award.

2.3. Candidatures made by those who request the award for themselves or for the groups or entities they represent will be excluded.

3. Presentation of Candidatures

3.1. The award will be given through the presentation of candidatures which will be formalised with the following documentation:

a) Brief summary with the reasons motivating the proposal and with the description of the activity for which the award is applied for.

b) Data of proposed candidate (full name, workplace address, contact address, telephone, email)

c) Account of merits and of most relevant works or publications.

d) Any other documentation that may be of interest to know more about the activity of proposed candidate.

e) Written statement where, in the event of receiving the award, the candidate formally commits himself to collect the award personally at the established place and date.

3.1.1. The candidature may include other supports and, in general, any documents with relevant supplementary data and information.

3.1.2. Languages to present candidatures are: Galician, Spanish, and English.

3.1.3. Candidatures may be submitted by registered mail in closed envelope with the reference ‘Premio de Investigación Oncológica’ thereon to the Apartado de Correos 50 de Santiago de Compostela, or to the address: Preguntoiro 36-1o. 15704 Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña). Likewise, candidatures can also be submitted by email to the following address: or directly through the website premioramirocarregal.

3.1.4. TThe deadline for submission of candidatures will be on March 16th 2017 at 23:59 (local time in Santiago). For applications sent by post office will be considered the postmark date.

3.2. The Jury may also directly give the award to works, research teams, or projects which they consider deserve the award for their trajectory or relevance in the research or socio-sanitary areas.

4. Jury

4.1. The Jury is made up of members of the scientific, academic, and research communities which are to be appointed by the Board of the Foundation.

4.2. Once the Jury has been selected, the Executive President will be Dr. Rafael López, head of the Medical Oncology Department of the Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Santiago, who will direct deliberations and who will be assisted by a Secretary, appointed by him, who will attend the meetings with the rights of speak and vote.

4.3. The Jury has an honorary president, Mr Ramiro Carregal.

5. Decission

5.1. The Jury will freely award the prize to a candidate proposed by one of the entities established herein or to one directly proposed by the Jury. The prize may be exceptionally awarded as shared when proposed people, entities, or groups merits are clearly complemented with each other.

5.2. The Jury decision will be adopted by majority vote. In the event of tied vote the President will have the casting vote. Once the Jury meeting is finished, the decision will be communicated to the prize winner.

5.3. The prize has to be awarded and the Jury has the right to, if necessary, modify all or part of these basis without implying a breach thereof.

5.4. The decision is not subject to appeal and it will be made public on April 2018 through social communication media and through the web page of the Prize. Likewise, the winner will be personally informed of.

5.5. If the Jury considers it appropriate, not awarded works may be included in the following edition.

5.6. Awarded works will not make any economic profit. Prize award does not involve property rights cession or limitation, included intellectual or industrial property rights. The disclosure of the work in the media or any other means of dissemination do not imply the breach of this condition.

5.7. The applicant for the prize will include a written statement committing himself to, in the event of being awarded with the prize, personally collect it at the place and on the date established by the Board.

6. Award Ceremony

The prize award will take place in Santiago at an established date and time in a solemn ceremony to where people of the political, social, academic, and science backgrounds will be present at.